Health & nutrition consulting services are $125/hour.  Packages of consultations are also available:  a 1-month package (2 visits) is $225, a 3-month package (6 visits) is $650 and a 6-month package (12 visits) is $1200.

Lab costs are as follows:  $100 ordering/analysis fee per lab PLUS price of test (note:  Vitamin D test is the only exception -- it has a $25 analysis fee instead).  All individual lab fees may be submitted to insurance for partial or even full reimbursement (ordering/analysis fees are not reimbursable).  I will help you get all of the proper paperwork to ensure the highest possible reimbursement.

A few of my most recommended tests:


PRECISION ANALYTICAL - DUTCH HORMONE TEST. This test measures daily free cortisol levels (the amount of available cortisol circulating in the body), metabolized cortisol (the amount of cortisol the adrenals are producing or clearing), sex hormone levels, and several other markers. Done at home, with 4 urine samples taken at different times throughout the day (morning, noon, afternoon and evening) which are then left out to dry. $250 lab fee + $100 analysis fee.

CYREX ARRAY #3 - The gold standard in wheat/gluten intolerance testing. This information gained from this test is invaluable because the effects of gluten can be so widespread throughout the body. This is a blood test, done in pre-approved labs throughout the U.S. (Cannot be run in New York State, but NY clients can have test done and shipped from another state). $332 lab fee + $100 analysis fee.

BIOHEALTH 900 - SIBO BREATH TEST - This test looks for Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth by measuring levels of hydrogen and methane in the breath. Easy to run at home (you just drink a sugar solution and then breathe into a tube 10x in a day -- done every 20 minutes for 3 hours). $149 lab fee + $100 analysis fee.


BIOHEALTH 401H - GI PATHOGEN SCREEN. This is a stool test to rule out any parasites or yeast/bacterial overgrowth or imbalance. Done at home over the course of 3 days. $267 lab fee + $100 analysis fee.

VITAMIN D TEST - Vitamin D is such a vital nutrient for immune system function, bone density and overall health. Everyone should check their level of Vitamin D once or twice a year. Done at home with a finger prick. $50 lab fee + $25 analysis fee.

ORGANIC ACIDS TEST - This test will reveal any nutrient imbalances, plus it shows microbial overgrowth and any toxic exposure. Easy to run at home (just your first morning urine). $381 lab fee + $100 analysis fee.