Nutrition Statement

My basic philosophy is as follows:

1.  Eat real, whole foods from happy (grass-fed, pasture-raised) animals and clean soil -- these foods should make up at least 80% of your diet (more if you have a chronic illness).

2.  Clean up any underlying health issues or system imbalances.

3.  Learn and keep track of your Vitamin D level, your Total Cholesterol:HDL ratio, your Triglycerides and your blood sugar level.

4.  Move around as often as you can (by exercising, playing with your kids, gardening or even just NOT SITTING DOWN ALL DAY).

5.  Find ways to help deal with your stress (deep breathing, meditation, walking in nature, etc.)

6.  Sleep as much as your lifestyle allows.  If you have room in your schedule for 9 hours of sleep per night, get 9 hours of sleep per night.

7.  Have a (gluten-free) cocktail or two if you tolerate them.  

If we can get those 7 things pretty much nailed down (OK, 6 -- the cocktails are just fun, not necessary), I don't think the rest will matter nearly as much.  You don't have to be PERFECT, but everyone can be a little BetterFed.